Monday, November 19, 2007

ProWorld not just ProAmericas! - Expansion to Thailand & India

... a personal message from co-founder Richard Webb.

~ ProIndia ~
I will be accompanied by Scott Leroy, experienced site director in Peru and Mexico, on a scouting trip to southern India in December. We plan to visit a number of cities in states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. With heavy monsoon seasons and many parts of India averaging over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months, it turns out that climate has been one a most powerful determinate of our location opportunities.

ProThailand ~
From India, I will fly on Chiang Mai, Thailand to meet our new site director there, Andy Northrop. One of our focuses will be the hill communities, as they are known, in and around Chiang Mai. These rural communities promise to offer rich and profound project and cultural opportunities for staff and volunteers alike.

"I look forward to our growing the ProWorld community and hope you all will welcome the increasing richness of our community."

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