Monday, November 19, 2007

New On-Site Director for Thailand

We would like to introduce and welcome the new on-site director Andy Northrop, who will be paving the way for the new ProThailand site in Chiang Mai. We are excited with the skills and experience Andy brings to the position, as he has recently finished a graduate degree at SIT as well as having spent time on group management and project development in Chiang Mai, Thailand already. In his charismatic voice and passionate description he would like to personally address the ProWorld community.

" There is not a day that goes by where the Thais do not represent their country as it is known for: "the land of smiles". The warm and hospitable culture of Thailand, not to mention the food, has brought me back to visit several times, live and embrace Thai culture, conduct research, work towards sustainable development, and now to establish ProThailand. As an advocate for cross-cultural understanding, social change, and sustainable development, I ambitiously strive to educate volunteers on the rich cultural dynamics of Thailand via exposure to experiential sustainable development project initiatives with the leadership and kindness of partnered organizations. This communal process could not be successful without the communities, people, and organizations ProThailand seeks to work with." -- Andy Northrop

Be looking for updates about this new site, as Andy is getting geared up for volunteers in 2008!

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